U.S. Border Information

U.S. Border Information

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We are unquestionably the best neighbors to each others country. Unfortunately we have to do a little paper work in order to expedite all the security measures required.

Dear NOTO Member:

We have recently been informed by the Canada Revenue Agency that they have issued a new Interpretation Bulletin for our industry. In response to our lobbying efforts through the Canadian Federation of Outfitter Associations, they have now included FISH PROCESSING, such as fish scaling, cutting, wrapping and packaging, as a service for the purposes of claiming a rebate under the Foreign Convention and Tour Incentive Program. This change will potentially make the GST rebate available to guests of a significant number of drive to camps who do not provide other eligible services such as transportation.

We raised this issue with CRA officials at a meeting with them in Ottawa in October of 2007 and later provided follow-up information. The new Interpretation Bulletin confirms that they have accepted our arguments for including fish processing along with processing of game as eligible services. The bulletin also clarifies several other areas relating to services provided by the nature and outdoor tourism industry.

The info sheet GI-046 is now available and can be viewed by clicking here.We encourage everyone to read it carefully.

You should note that it is still important to make sure the copy of your invoice or other supporting documentation that your guest submits with the rebate application must make it clear that your package includes the necessary accommodations and eligible services, as we have outlined in some of our earlier notices to the industry.

Doug Reynolds
Executive Director
T: 705-472-5552 ext. 23
F: 705-472-0621
E: doug@noto.net

Crossing with a D.W.I.

I have done some research on this dilemma concerning border crossing with a DWI. Apparently this rule or law has been in effect for 20 years but only enforced since 911. It’s a new era to say the least. The process is relatively easy, but expensive. I have given you two websites to review, but your very best option is to call Lucy Perillo, of Canada Border Crossing Services and she will do all the work. This can all be done over the phone. Lucy can be reached at (204) 488-6350. This process will only take 4 to 6 weeks or even shorter.

Step One
Lucy Perillo
(204) 488-6350

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